Our Approach



Our candidates are evaluated for qualities of character, intelligence, logic and clarity of expression. We ask who they are? How do they think and operate in different circumstances and situations?

Our discussions with references and candidates are open and free ranging. We cover strategic vision, innovation, management discipline, leadership ability and relationship skills. Judgment, ability to deal with ambiguity, self-awareness and adaptability are critical points. Communication skills are more important today than in the past. Drive and level of ambition must fit the situation and the client culture. We look for patterns, personal accomplishments, weaknesses, and a track record. What is the catalytic factor – does this person make things happen?

The final recommendation is based on our analysis of the candidate, our judgment about the client and the candidate “chemistry,” and our instincts about the fit in the long run.


Sometimes we are engaged to do management consulting projects such as:

  • Succession/bench strength – Does the staff fit the current business plan?
  • Communications – Are the internal and external messages the same and reinforcing each other?
  • Partnering compatibility – What is the vision, culture, goal and momentum of each company?
  • Career counseling – Is the individual on the right track?